Dot by New Computer is an intelligent guide designed to help you remember, organize, and navigate your life.

Discover Dot through Mei’s story.

Mei is a first-semester college student.

It’s the last day before school begins and she’s in the kitchen at home.

Her grandmother hands her a recipe—“Take it. That way home will never feel too far away.”

Grandma’s flatbread is Mei’s favorite. She shares it with Dot.

“Cool! Now this will be with me wherever I go.”

Before leaving for school the next day, Mei sends Dot all her class syllabi for the semester.

And when it’s time to buy her textbooks, Dot is there to help.

Mei heads to the library to prepare for her first test of the semester.

Dot helps quiz Mei on her class notes.

And when that gets monotonous, Dot knows how to mix it up.

Mei is doing well at school, and she’s looking to get involved in a community.

Dot remembers Mei’s interest in singing and proactively sends her suggestions for music clubs at school.

Today’s her big audition, and with Dot’s help, Mei feels prepared to take on her day.

When Mei passes her audition, she shares her excitement with Dot...

...who is always here to help connect the dots.

Dot is under active development and will be available on iOS and web later this year.