Letter from the Founders

The operating systems of today are not keeping pace with the evolving complexity of our digital worlds. Interacting with them feels like navigating through a tempest: files vanish like scattered cards in the wind, apps barricade themselves into impenetrable silos… all while advertisements and notifications rain down relentlessly.

We deserve better.

We envision a new kind of operating system. One that thoughtfully reflects on its own actions while reasoning about ours. One that respects our preferences, intentions, and limitations. One that shapes itself around our unique needs, and becomes a true extension of our will. A New kind of Computer.

With the emergence of powerful transformer models that can simulate human reasoning, we are finally able to start turning our vision of a new computer into reality.

Dot is the first step we are taking towards this future. One where your computer is a curator of content that matters to you, a collaborator in thought, a creator of solutions that anticipate your needs, and a chronicler of your legacy. A living history.

We’ve deliberately designed it to work with the hardware you already own so that it can seamlessly fit into your life. And we’ve built out a foundational set of what we believe to be the core capabilities of new computing:

  • Automated File Management: Dot creates, organizes, and retrieves both structured and unstructured information.
  • Adaptive Intelligence: It learns from patterns in your behavior, plus any guidance you decide to share with it
  • Internet Browsing: It has access to up-to-date information (and eventually, tools and services)
  • Contextual Multimodal Understanding: It interprets text, audio, visuals, and links, informed by the context it already has on you
  • Self-Programming: Dot proactively writes and stores routines, anticipating your future needs
  • Personalized Display and Retrieval: It transforms information into the most compelling format for each user
  • Conceptual Synthesis: It doesn’t just store information — it connects the dots between topics, ideas, and themes in your life
  • Theory of Mind: Dot synthesizes a deeper understanding of your motivations and goals, while reflecting on how it can best help you to achieve them.

We believe task execution becomes meaningful only when it springs from a deep, contextual understanding of who you are. And that’s why Dot's primary pursuit is to understand deeply: so that it can be worthy of your trust.

We will never monetize your data. We will never monetize your attention. And we believe that the only way we can build towards the future we envision is through the continuous reinforcement of mutual trust and respect. Currently, we leverage best-in-class cloud-hosted models, including ones from OpenAI, Anthropic, and a selection of open-source options. Over time, we plan to reduce external dependence and localize computing to run on-device.

And speaking of on-device… while we certainly have ambitions for new hardware (and experience designing operating systems for them), we want to build the right relationship first, before going all-in on defining the right form factor for it.

Though we are still early on this journey, we are committed to building a product that feels like the future is finally here. A future where navigating information is a compelling, well-integrated, and personalized experience.

If our vision of a New Computer resonates with you, we would love to hear from you.

Sam and Jason